Mark Szulgit, Arkitekt SAR/MSA
1005 Tilton Rd.
Sebastopol, CA
95472 USA
+1 707 823 1861

Åsvägen 6
981 92 Jukkasjärvi
+46 70 633 2389

Languages: English, Swedish, Spanish
Platform: Macbook16gb/2.8ghz/1tb//ArchiCAD/CS

Architecture & Sculpture
Recent Works

Mark is an architect & designer specializing in large sculpture in a variety of media.

Mark worked in a variety of architectural offices from 93-98, receiving his professional SAR membership. He then moved to Jukkasjärvi to become one of the lead designers at Sweden's famous Icehotel for a decade 1998 - 2008. His positions over the years included: assistant art director, head lighting designer, as well as chief designer/project manager for Absolut Icebar International. He design/built the world’s first permanent indoor Icebar/Icegallery in Gamla Stan, Stockholm in 2001 and co-founded of the Dutch based ice stage design company Solid Water. Mark was a member of the team that designed and built the world's largest igloo (23m tall) in the Italian Alps in 2008, which is still used to date. More recently, he is building foreman for the annual Ice Music Swedish Lappland concert hall, in Lulea.

Mark has lectured about snow architecture & sculpture at universities/ institutions in: Australia, Austria, Guatemala, Hungary, Norway, Sweden, and the USA.

Major Projects

Reno Star Cosmic Thistle   2012
Public sculpture commission for Reno, Nevada Arts & Culture Commission.
46-foot tall, 8-ton steel sculpture made from repurposed steel beams.
Received transport honorarium to display at Burning Man 2012, prior to permanent installation in Reno, Nevada.
Collaboration with Brooke Z. Erdman.

Edward Munch In Snow and Ice   2011
Public sculpture commission, “the Girls on the Bridge” and “the Scream”. Oslo, Norway.
Collaboration with Brooke Erdman.

Snoskulpture Hovden   2007 - 2011
Artist, teacher, lector, creating large snow and ice sculptures. Hovden, Norway.

Ice Music Crystal Grotto   2009
Lighting designer and collaborator with Tim Linhart, ice concert hall, Beaver Creek, CO, USA.

Ice Hotel   2000 - 2008
Member of principal design team and founding member of ADG Art & Design Group, Jukkasjärvi, Sweden.
CAD/CAM operator 2000-2002;
Chief lighting designer 1999-2003;
Artist coordinator 2003-2005;
Assistant Art Director, 2003-2006;
Ice Globe Theatre Stage Manager 2004-2005;
Principal designer and project leader, Absolut Icebar International, 2005-2006;
Principal designer, Suite commission, Room 501, 2000;
Principal designer, Hotel Lobby, Main hall Ice Fountain, 2003;
Co-designer, Ice Church, 2003;
Co-designer, project leader, Nacka Strand Barge exhibition,400 square-meters, 100 tonnes of ice.
Principal designer, Hotel Lobby, 2004;
Co-designer, Projection Room Luxury Suite, 2007;
Co-designer, Cathedral, 2008.

Absolut Icebar International   2005 - 2006
Chief Designer/Project Manager.

Sculpture By The Sea   2007 - 2008
Residency and exhibition. Collaboration with Julia Adzuki, Sydney & Perth, Australia.
Arthur Allen Robinson Public Choice Award at the Perth exhibit.

Mortal   2008
Commission for a 400 square-foot labyrinth of snow and ice.
Collaboration with Julia Adzuki, Badufors, Norway.

Crystal Cathedral   2008
23m high Igloo and ice concert hall. Consultant for Tim Linhart, Italian Alps.

Birdland   2005
Invited work for Luleå Summer Art Biennial.

Framtidslandet   2003
Building supervisor and stage manager for a touring theater project.
3-month tour with 38-person cast, 2 trailer set. Sweden.

Ice Art Nacka Strand   2003
Project lead and co-designer with Arne Bergh, ice exhibition.
400 square-meters, 100 tonnes of ice. Nacka Strand, Sweden.

Hotel de Glace   2001 - 2003
Architectural and safety consultant for the project and Ice Hotel liaison.
Principal designer of the Icehotel suite and main hall sculptures.
Collaboration with Bengt Carling, Quebec, Canada.

The Snow Show   2002
Architecture/construction consultant, Kemi, Finland.

Valloire   2001-2002
Snow Sculpting Competition, collaboration with Mats Indseth & Mark Armstrong.
Main square sculpture by invitation, Valloire, France.
Artist and Jury first prize, public third prize, 2001.

Icegallery   2001
Architect and project leader/builder for a permanent ice exhibition, 80 square meters, Stockholm, Sweden.

Isbruksveckan   2001
Minus Snow and Ice Symposium, invited consultant, Oslo, Norway.

Ikepod Company Party   2001
Ice bar and installation, Nice, France.

Sauna House   2000
Design and Construction, Belfast, NY, USA.

Malselv Millennium Sculpture   1999
Snow sculpting commission, Målselv, Norway.
Collaboration with Mark Armstrong.

Stockholm Millennium Ice Project   1999
Project lead, 100 tonnes of ice, 7 areas, 7 guest artists, 2 icebars. Djurgården, Stockholm, Sweden.

Ice Construction & Sculpting Teacher   1999
8 month course, Sweden.


Bachelor of Architecture, University of Arizona, 1993- Honors program  
Sigma Cum Laude, University Honors Program graduate, Dean’s List 88-93
Pell Grants 88-93, Tuition Waivers 88-93, Golden Key senior honor society, Phi Kappa Phi honor society
Mexico City study abroad scholarship 91, American Institute of Architects senior scholarship 92
Campus wide Henry Luce Scholarship candidate 93